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ReJump is a revolutionary site engine. It allows you to generate dynamic sites in a simple and convenient way. Files are used for a storage of information. It allows to get an access to the information in a usual way. The flexible template scheme is used for all construction functions. In templates you can set all necessary things: pages visualization and algorithm of information processing and input.

We use the network progressive structure of data organization. You are free to establish any links between any data. There is no necessity to create and to change the data base structure. Site can develop little by little (it is a distinguishing feature not only that product, but also all series of engines for ReJump sites).

Site engine is distributed free-of-charge and is realized in language Perl. You can download the engine (in source files) and its manual here.

ReJump Datafile is the first in ReJump products series for sites engines. The second product from that series ReJump Datafile is prepearing now. Clear higher version of the engine for sites would support its own data protocol different from "http".
August 14 2003. The new edition of the manual. You can read it here.
April 2 2003. The 1.1 version of the Rejump Datafile (first release) is available. You can download it here.
You can download the engine ReJump Datafile. Click here to download (size 33.5Kb).
Read the manual to understand the details of the system.
Guestbook example to view the details of the system.
Simple photogallery example, the result is GD Imager is using in this example
If you have any questions, please, contact us via email:
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