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Bomber is a classic computer game with very simple rules. Your aim is to annihilate all enemies on the map. You can do it by placing the bomb. During the game you select different items which increase your skills.
We can integrate the game into your site.
The variants of install packages are:
  • BomberBasic ($149)
  • BomberChamp ($299) (with championship)
  • BomberPro ($699) (independent version without any connection to the base server)
4.12.2003. The commercial release of ReJump Online Bomber 1.1
Buy this version now.
Try the game
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How to buy. How to run.
1. Pay the money through the registrator.
2. You would get the code and the setup file.
3. Setup the bomber.
4. Generate the code for your domen using your personal-code.
5. Place this personal-for-domen-code into the system.
5. Run the bomber server.

This and much more information you can find in readme.txt file.
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